Little Black Dresses Edit

Flattering, versatile and always in style. Do you need any more reasons to love the little black dress? Every woman's wardrobe should have more than one of these iconic styles.

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  1. New in

    Sparkle Jersey Dress

  2. New in

    Saira Shimmer Knit Dress

  3. New in

    Lace Shirt Dress

  4. New in

    Brigade Military Dress

  5. New in

    Samia Slinky Jersey Maxi

  6. New in

    Hawthorne Belted Ponte Dress

  7. New in

    Mist Textured Jersey Dress

  8. New in

    Willow Dress

  9. Caspian Lace Dress

  10. Tabi Dress

  11. City Suit Dress