Meet the Director and Designer - Alison

Where did your passion for fashion design come from?

 I have always loved clothes and making things from a really young age (I had my own sewing machine at 9 and started making clothes for all my dolls). I get it from my Grandfather who designed and made my Grandmother's wedding dress.

 What do you love about living in London?

 Absolutely everything - I think it’s one of the greatest cities in the world.

Where would you say has the most inspirational style?

Italy, I recently stayed at the Borgo Egnazia hotel in Puglia; there was so much beauty to draw inspiration from beautiful buildings to colour and style in the local region.


Describe your ideal weekend?

Being with my family and friends, plus going for long walks with our dog Rosie over Wimbledon common.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Absolute favourite will always be the Maldives for the ultimate wind down…glass of wine, good book and diving..

 Where have your drawn inspiration from for this collection?

I work with lots of different print designers but this season I have worked with an artist who has created the prints for us by spraying leafs and flowers in bright and muted colours creating different silhouettes. It’s these prints that I have used for inspiration this season.

Spray Daisy Print

Biggest fashion faux-pas?

 A huge one….showing my age here… back in 1996, I had a pair of cream wide leg trousers with splits up the side and a matching waistcoat. Funny story with the trousers… I had to go on a Buying trip to Tokyo with some very important people that I worked with at the time. One evening we went to a very expensive, traditional Japanese restaurant. Really beautiful place through the tiniest of doors and all the seating and loos set into the floor with candles all around. Except on going to the loo and my trousers being so very wide …covered a candle …and I ended up with my cream trousers melted with a black blob on the side. I was so embarrassed…

 What items can’t you live without?

My By Terry Baume de Rose lip cream… or my Chantecaille flower harmonizing cream and my Alexander McQueen trainers.

Your favourite piece from the current collection and how you see it being styled?

I have quite a few but my favourite from this season has to be our Bowie velvet jacket and Lia frill blouse - really easy to wear from day to night with skinny black trousers and heels or simply jeans.

Bowie Jacket

 Best dressed woman in history?

Hmmm…Really difficult to answer as we have had so many  powerful woman  in time to modern day… from Marie Antoinette, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy … Brigitte Bardot… to our own Elizabeth Taylor and modern day Victoria Beckham…my list could be endless.

If I  have to really choose one it would be Brigitte Bardot, but I think they all have that  unique style.