Inspirational People - Anna Kennedy

1. What inspired you to set up Anna Kennedy Online Autism Charity?

I created Anna Kennedy online  because of the amount of emails I was receiving and messages through social media from parents struggling with the whole Special Educational Needs system. I wanted to create a UK Autism charity where parents and individuals didnt feel isolated as I did when my boys were young. 

2. You’ve been nominated for Mum and Working’s High-Profile Working Parent of the Year – congratulations. How do you juggle it all?

I do not even know myself how I fit it all in working , being a wife and mum to two young men on the autism spectrum. Life is never dull there's always something new around the corner.I love creating new events and creating opportunities for families and individuals affected by autism. There is always a buzz in the office leading up to events especially Autism's got Talent.This year highlights of our show were shown on BBC Breakfast News and BBC 1 O'clock News.

3. How do you relax/switch off?

I switch off on a Thursday when I go to zumba a great way to get rid of stress, keep fit and have fun. I call it my autism free zone.

4. You are a great supporter of Damsel in a dress. What is it you like about the brand?

I have worn quite a few pieces from Damsel in a Dress for special events. They are very well made and your size 8 fits me like a glove.

5. What are your favourite pieces for the new collection and why?

I love the colour and style of the Flavia coat. I also love the Delfina Coat and dress, it is very elegant reminds me of vintage . I love clothes that are well made and are stylish and make you feel like a million dollars and that's how I feel when wearing Damsel  in a Dress.

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Anna's Favourite Damsel Pieces

Delfina Coat

Delfina Dress

Flavia Coat